Fundraising at Rustic Hills

Let Rustic Hills Help You With Your Fundraising Efforts!


As leaders of your organization you are constantly seeking fresh and exciting ways to fund your specific programs.  A truly successful fundraising event combines a desired product with a worthwhile fundraising cause.  That is the guiding principal behind our fundraising programs at Rustic Hills.  We customize our fundraiser packages to meet the needs and goals of your organization; yet we still provide an entertaining night out at an affordable price for your supporting audience.  Whether it is for your school, sports team, church, or any other group or non-profit organization, support for your cause is available, starting right here with us!


Event Fundraising Ideas

Plan an event no one will forget! The possibilities are endless!


Some of our personal favorite fundraising events:

  1. Try a breakfast, lunch, or dinner fundraising event
  2. “Around the World” Event
  3. An Auction
  4. “A Night at the Races”
  5. Wine/Beer Tasting Party
  6. Bingo Night
  7. Wing Ding
  8. Golf Outing
  9. Monte Carlo Night
  10. Kid’s Day/Picnic


Costs Associated with Fundraisers

Our chef will be happy to customize a menu for your particular function.  Themed menus, tasty food, and impressive displays are our specialty; but our job is to make you look good as you raise money for your worthy cause.


Of course there are costs other than food associated with fundraisers, and our experts are here to help you sort through them. You choose the type of fundraising event and we will help do the rest!


Costs to Think About When Hosting a Fundraiser

*This is just a list to get you started and does not represent all costs associated with fundraising events*


  • Room Rental
  • Food and Beverages for guests
  • Door Prizes
  • Tickets, Printing, Advertising
  • Baskets, Raffle Tickets, Prizes (if applicable and not donated)
  • Decorations
  • Setup and Cleanup
  • Security (if required)


Helpful Tips to Remember


  • Discuss the goals for the fundraiser.  Be specific about how much you want to raise versus how much you need to raise
  • Discuss and set a budget
  • Timing is important.  Set a date and pay attention to other things taking place in the area.  Spread out your fundraising events if hosting more than one
  • Pick a theme and find a venue that supports that theme
  • Prepare a menu and book the necessary entertainment
  • Recruit volunteers.  A successful fundraiser cannot be run by just a few people
  • Sell, Market, Promote, Sell, Market, Promote
  • Don’t be afraid to ask, and don’t be afraid to hear “no”
  • How Much You Can Expect to Make?



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